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Tabledots Launch

Dear journalists, food-blogger & deco-lovers,

Dining around a nicely set table with family and friends, celebrating a meal in style – can you imagine a moment any more special than this? tabledots will help you to easily transform your tablescape into a stylish and beautiful one.

 What are tabledots? 

  • tabledots are new innovative placemats: Get one disc per tablesetting and as many covers as you like.
  • They are convenient and easy care. The base is a sturdy, round disc made out of high density fiber board (hdf).
  • All caps are made out of different fabrics, can easily be slipped on and off and fit the disc perfectly.
  • tabledots will adapt to any interior style and occasion, depending on the fabric and color you choose. They’ll give your home unique style with ultimate convenience.
  • Machine washable. Easy to swap out. No ironing needed. No more scrubbing off food stains.
  • tabledots are environmentally friendly, sustainable and don’t produce additional rubbish.

„Joint meals fulfill the deapest human desire for togetherness. We believe, these every day moments should be concisously designed, curated and celebrated. They can act an small anchor points in our stressful lives.“ says Sabine Camargos, founder of tabledots.

Sabine Camargos, tabledots CEO, lives with her husband and two kids in Barcelona. She loves great food, design and homedecor. She studied social and business communication at the Udk in Berlin and founded tabledots after being a design- and innovation consultant for over 20 years.

We are delighted your are interested in our product.

Please get in touch to order samples or with any other questions per email service@tabledots.com or phone +49.173.6767977.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



Sabine Camargos