☀️ Happy Summer 🍽️ Dress up your BBQ table now 🌴

tabledots are placemats. Get one disc per tablesetting and as many covers as you like - to give your table a different look every day. Follow us on Instagram to be inspired by our new designs.  

The base is a sturdy, round disc, made of sustainable high-density fiber board. We have consciously chosen a biodegradable material: as we all know, there is no planet b. The base is made in Germany.

All covers are made out of different fabrics and cover the disc perfectly like fitted sheets. Machine washable. Easy to swap out. Made with love in Portugal and Germany.

tabledots give your home a unique style with ultimate convenience.




Sabine Camargos


This is Sabine, founder and CEO of tabledots. A German-Brazilian mom of 2 girls. A foodie, design and deco lover. After 20+ years in design thinking and innovation consulting, she decided to found tabledots to bring this and other awesome products to your home and table.

“Our world is increasingly virtual, but good food and shared meals remain the core of human relations. We believe these everyday moments should be consciously designed and celebrated” says Sabine Camargos, founder of tabledots. "Our mission is to help you turn every meal into a delightful and memorable moment."

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