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What is the base made of?

The base is made out of high density fibre board - hdf, which is a wood fibre, from sustainable sources. 100% food safe and bio degradable. The surface is pressed with paper, so it’s white. If it’s exposed to grease for a long time it might leave stains on the surface. As your tabledots should be covered most of the time, we have consciously decided not to coat our base in plastic. Remember, there is no planet b!   

What is the size of the product?

The base diameter is 38cm / 14.96inches, super flat and sturdy.

Where is it made?

Our base is produced in Germany, the wood is sourced in the European Union from a safe, eco-friendly producer.

Where are the covers made?

Our covers are handmade with love Spain and Portugal. Currently, our fabrics are made in Spain and the Netherlands.

Are the covers in the machine washable?

Yes! No problem. We recommend you wash them at 30°C-40°C / 80F - 100F

Can I put the covers in the dryer?

No. If you do tumble dry, we cannot guarantee the fit will remain perfect.

Why are most fabrics synthetic?

The fabrics we use offer a great look and feel while being really easy to take care off. Synthetic fibre does not need to be ironed and can oftentimes be wiped clean with a cloth. 

Can I put a hot pan on my tabledots?

No. tabledots are for hot & warm plates only and won’t resist the heat of a hot pan.

Is the base dishwasher safe?

No. You can wipe it with a damp cloth, but please avoid soaking it in water.