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Seafood Special HELGA
our tabledots lobster placemats

by Sabine Camargos on August 04, 2020
Seafood Special HELGA <br> our tabledots lobster placemats

No matter where you live, our fish ‘n lobster tabledots placemats will make give your table the taste of summer. So here comes HELGA!

I was born in Brazil, needless to say we had a lot of seafood. When I was 4 we moved to Germany, which made the seafood options scarce. However, my father used to travel to the east coast of the US quite frequently for work, one of his sisters lives there my aunt HELGA. When he flew back home he never boarded without a big box full of lobsters. So when my dad arrived, my mom would cook a big pot of soup along with the lobsters, stir up enough Caiprinha for a huge feast with family and friends. Think 20+ people, late nights and loads of food and laughter. This tabledots is a homage to my aunt Helga, who still lives in New York, and of course to my parents for teaching me what matters in life: Every meal is a celebration AND the more the merrier.

My mom and my favourite Lobster bisque

Till today I have the fondest memories of those meals.

PS: You want to cook this exact soup you see up here? My moms recipe is well kept secret, but I love this one from the New York Times: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1012881-lobster-bisque