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Please meet…. Sabine!
Or how tabledots started.

by Sabine Camargos on June 07, 2020
Please meet…. Sabine! <br> Or how tabledots started.

When I decided I wanted to bring tabledots placemats to you, I actually started sewing! Yes. While I am quite manually skilled with other things like cooking, baking, painting etc. (check out my personal instagram @cosmocooking_official), sewing had not been a part of my world before.

I spoke to my aunt Marta in Brazil, who is an amazing seamstress and one of the funniest people I know and she told me I needed an overlock machine, so I went to a “mercería” here in Barcelona and bought myself such a thing. I took a class with the lady who sold the machine to me and after an hour she asked me what type of machines I had at home and my answer was: none! Her eyes doubled in size as we continued.

I spent many days and many nights until I figured out how to sew the perfect tabledots. Meanwhile I was looking for professional seamstresses to outsource my production. Most were telling me what I wanted wasn’t possible. First orders were coming in and I still hadn’t found an adequate manufacturer – so, more long days and night to get things done. And I did.

Note to self: You need to know in order to rule. If I hadn’t figured out myself how to sew this, I would have given up on the way. Know your stuff. And never give up.