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Please meet... Nuno & team!
or how tabledots placemats are made

by Sabine Camargos on May 13, 2020
Please meet... Nuno & team! <br> or how tabledots placemats are made

When I started tabledots one of the things I cared about most was the product and its manufacturing. I wanted a beautiful product, sustainably made with love in Europe.

Some people told me I should worry more about the margin that I was about to enter a competitive market etc. But I didn’t care. And after a long and painful search I found Nuno. He runs a clothing manufacturing site in a very remote place in Portugal, with a partner.

Like no other, he cares about this team. The seamstresses get a different task every day, so they don’t get bored. The ladies are taught to work on each of the 20+ different machines, which is not case elsewhere. And they have yoga and aerobic classes every week. Fabulous. And obrigada.

These are the fantastic Portuguese ladies who sew our tabledots. Obrigado!

Why do we care?

Well in times where you can to go a store and buy a t-shirt for a dime there are obviously a lot of people who do not care about under which working conditions this t-shirt has been made. On my search within Europe (!) I saw such terrifying manufacturing conditions that you would not imagine could be true. We at tabledots want to offer you as a consumer complete transparency. And make sure you know that we care! Thank you.