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Weaving is wonderful
or where tabledots fabrics are made

by Sabine Camargos on April 22, 2020
Weaving is wonderful <br> or where tabledots fabrics are made

Please meet... José! <br> or where tabledots fabrics are made

When I first started tabledots, I actually learned how to sew and dove into a whole new world: Planet fabrics!

Being a purist, I wanted to find the perfect textile: Recyclable. Amazing texture. Linen look. Beautiful colors. Durable. Washable. No iron. Nothing else.

Unfortunately traditional fabric stores are a species in extinction, so I decided to scale up my search and went to an international fabric fair in Germany. WOW. It really is a world in itself and I was quite overwhelmed.


After many conversations and the realization this scene was completely dated – I finally met José! Sure enough José is a Spanish manufacturer - I have a sweet spot for anything Spanish, young guy running a lovely family business. He introduced me to his products. And I knew immediately this was exactly what I was looking for.

After the fair I visited their factory in the south of Spain, being a former IDEO consultant, I’m obsessed with how things are made. I care about the craftsmanship and the entire manufacturing process behind the products. Let me tell you, this visit opened my heart. Weaving is a beautiful craft. And the way José and his team go about it, is special.

Big check on where tabledots fabrics are made. Today we are friends and work together closely, we develop our prints and processes and he is always open for my crazy new ideas. ¡Gracias, José!