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Why felt placemats don't work for Lilia

by Sabine Camargos on April 11, 2021
Why felt placemats don't work for Lilia

Felt placemats –


feel great and are oftentimes available in natural grey but also in several other colors, as this one here in turquoise. BUT after the first meal you will have stains and felt placemats are simply not washable, because felt will lose its shape if it gets soaking wet. And honestly, do you want to bring your placemats to the dry cleaner ever week? What a waste of time.
If you are looking for the perfect eye-catcher on your table, tabledots placemat are the much smarter choice. Pick your colors. Set your table. Enjoy the compliments. After your meal, take off and throw in the washing machine. As simple as that. 
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